Michelle Obama is Launching a Brand-New Cooking Show


Former First Lady Michelle Obama is debuting a brand-new, healthy, family cooking show on Netflix called Waffles+Mochi. Judging by the title, some delicious (and nutritious) food will be coming to your screen soon!

Premiering on March 16, the show features two adorable puppet characters in their quest to learn all there is to know about healthy eating under Obama’s guidance. They will also be joined by a helpful, flying magic shopping cart, according to USA Today. (Related: The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.) Obama announced the exciting news on Twitter:


Obama, who devoted her time in the White House from 2008 to 2016 to helping kids in America lead healthier lifestyles, is working with the Partnership for a Healthier America on the show. The former First Lady’s “Let’s Move!” campaign launched in 2010 to help educate and encourage kids to stay active and eat right. Waffles+Mochi will continue that effort, and be able to reach millions of homes via Netflix, one of the largest television streaming services on the planet. In 2019, Obama, along with her husband and former President Barack Obama, partnered with Netflix to create shows that address “issues of race and class, democracy and civil rights, and much more.” Waffles+Mochi is positioned to be a direct result of those efforts.

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