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Silky, smooth and satisfying breakfast with added protein. This Peanut Butter protein breakfast pudding tastes more like a dessert, but it’s packed with fibre, healthy fats and protein.

I love adding protein to my breakfast as it prevents
sugar slumps. I used to get the worst sugar crashes. That jittery feeling a
couple of hours after breakfast that leaves me feeling irritable, on edge and
unable to concentrate. I still get those crashes if I don’t eat a well balanced
breakfast with protein and fat. Simple carb rich breakfasts low in fat and
protein just don’t suit me well at all! And so far what I’ve seen in the
clinics I’ve observed as well as the clients I’ve seen as a student
practitioner has reaffirmed the importance of a good, healthy and
well balanced breakfast for the rest of your day. 

I’ve teamed up with Bulk Powders to create some fun and delicious snacks,
breakfasts and treats. I’ve been a fan of their protein powders for years and
have used them in many of my protein recipes. They have an extensive vegan
range with so many amazing products from protein powders, snacks and
supplements. They also have good quality nut butters that don’t cost the earth!

I used their vanilla protein powder as well as their peanut butter to make this creamy breakfast pudding. I love the flavour of their protein powder – they don’t taste artificial like other vegan proteins can do. It works really REALLY well in recipes too. I usually add protein in no-bake recipes like these chocolate chip protein bars, but it also works really well in baking as a flour substitute! It helps that it’s sweetened so you don’t have to add too much sugar/maple syrup to your treats making them healthier.

If you would like to try their products be sure to use the code NADIA at the checkout for 25% off! Head over to their website to view their range

One of the reasons I love buckwheat pudding apart from the
flavour and yummy ingredients is the texture. Blending soaked buckwheat groats
creates the most lush, thick smooth texture that feels like you’re enjoying a
decadent treat rather than breakfast. I also love the idea of
getting around 10g of fibre into my diet by the time I’m done
with breakfast!

A few weeks ago I made this mocha buckwheat pudding which you all seemed to love, so I knew I had to create another version of the recipe. You can get buckwheat groats from most major supermarkets or online from

Peanut Butter Protein Breakfast Pudding

Serves – 2


1/2 cup (85g) buckwheat groats
2 scoops Bulk Powders vanilla protein powder
1 ripe banana
2 tbsp peanut butter
2 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup (120ml) milk of choice


Add the buckwheat groats to a bowl and cover with water.
Leave to soak overnight, then strain and rinse under the tap. 
Add the groats to a blender/food processor along with the rest of the
ingredients and blend until smooth.
Serve with nuts and/or berries.

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