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Welcome to the livingsuperhealthy website where your health is our priority.

We will keep you informed of all the new discoveries in Natural Healing.This informative site will introduce you to many nutritional and natural healing medical professionals and new and old remedies successfully used for healing many diseases.

We here at livingsuperhealthy, have learned at least one major thing, we are a multifaceted creation made up of body, soul and spirit (mind). We are what we eat, drink, breath and believe who we are. If one facet of our being is out of sorts, then it will effect our whole being. So we need to address each facet individually to be able to walk in complete wholeness and health.

Our body is an intelligent creation. It was designed to heal itself. As long as it has the right nutrients, our body renews itself every 8 months! That is Totally Amazing!!

By replenishing our body with the proper nutrients and exercising daily, we allow our cells to renew which means we live a longer, healthier life. NO DISEASES!! At any stage of illness we can do specific things like taking 100% organic supplements, drinking and eating organically, juicing, exercising and resting our body and mind daily, to heal and repair our self.

This will help turn back time and begin to heal whatever damage that has been done.

And if you are healthy, livingsuperhealthy will help you stay healthy.

Hoping To Enrich Your Life Forever!

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    • Hi Anchal, So glad you visited my site. Thank you for your nice comment.If I can help you with any questions on any of my posts please leave them in this comment section. Thank you again and may you have fantastic health. Stay healthy and happy. 🙂 Judy

    • Hey Alan, I agree..we know that the # 8 is perfection = heavenly places. Love your site..awesome ideas. Must have come straight from the Mighty One. He gives me awesome ideas, too. He wants us to succeed. Good to hear from you. If I can help you with any health issues please message me . Stay healthy and happy. 🙂 Judy

  1. Hi!
    I like you’re website and the information that it offers. I will be applying and checking it out more details, but what I have read so far has very good information.

    • Hi Kenneth, Glad you dropped by and glad you like the website. I am constantly researching to find new and old info that will help all my readers to be updated on medical and health issues that will help them make better informative and intelligent decisions for their health.
      I encourage you to please give me an idea of what you are looking for or what you would like to see on this site and I will do my best to accommodate you. This site is your site and all who visit.
      It’s a pleasure Kenneth ,thanks for the visit. Stay healthy and happy. 🙂 Judy I also have another site; ultimatehealthwatchdog.siterubix.com

    • Hi Michele. visited your site it is nice when readers see that others have suffered with the same illness and they are not alone. There is several things that help with Fibromyalgia. Go to one of my other sites ultimatehealthwatchdog.siterubix.com There is a post on pain that has a lot of information that will help.
      I know people that lived in pain 24/7 and these things has changed their life. Take a visit and leave me a comment or email if I can help you in any way.
      By the way, it would be Amazing if you had a solution for your readers that live in pain. I hope you will not live in pain any longer. Thanks for your site on FM. I will refer it to others.
      Stay healthy and happy. 🙂 Judy

      • Michele, this site also has a post on pain. Please check it out. It’s on Pain Relief. Thanks for your visit. Blessings, 🙂 Judy

    • Hi Lidia, So glad you dropped by. I like Yoga exercises because they clear your mind and cleans your spirit. Meditation is so important to relieve the stress we face each day on a normal basis. Staying positive and seeing the glass half full is keeping our mind clear. Our mind(spirit), effects our body – if our mind is positive, our body is positive and is able to stay healthy and heal itself. Our Mind, Body and Soul is 3 components, making up one unit. If one component is out of sorts, the whole unit is out of sorts.
      When coaching someone just diagnosed with a dreaded disease like cancer, the first thing I help them with is how they see their self and work on their mind, clearing out all the junk(poison) that is there and get rid of the fear. Our immune system is totally effected by our mind – who we think we are and why we think we are sick, etc.
      I am looking forward to a great visit to your site Lidia. If I can help you in any way just drop me an email.
      Blessings to you and yours. Stay healthy and happy. 🙂 Judy

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