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Meet Dr. Jimenez, World-Leading Pioneer In Natural Cancer Treatments
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Dr. Antonio Jimenez is the Founder and Medical Director of the Hope4Cancer Institute in Mexico. Over the past 25 years, he has dedicated himself to bring safe, effective and non-toxic treatment options to cancer patients across the world.  Dr. Jimenez leads the only accredited center in the western hemisphere for the Cancer Virotherapy treatment protocol. He is also recognized as a pioneer of many bioregulatory and natural cancer treatment methods such as Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy, Hyperthermia, AARSOTA Bio-Immunotherapy (Cancer Vaccine), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Cold Plasma Ozone Therapy, IV Protocols and many more. Always at the leading edge, Dr. Jimenez is easily one of the most progressive integrative medicine.

Hope4Cancer Institute is proud to provide Rigvir, a powerful treatment that selectively targets cancer cells with a radar-like precision. Rigvir is the only known genetically unmodified virus in the world that infects and kills cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells untouched. Historically developed as a melanoma therapy and proven to be safe and effective based on decades of research and clinical studies, Rigvir has proven effectiveness against a variety of other cancers. Today Rigvir represents the leading edge in science and evidence-based cancer treatments.  Hope4Cancer has signed a landmark cooperation agreement with the International Virotherapy Center, making it the exclusive provider of Rigvir in Mexico and paving the way for the rapid development of the cancer therapy in Mexico. (Rigvir is a registered trademark of the International Virotherapy Center).
Hope4Cancer Institute provides personalized, non-toxic, natural cancer treatments and Bioregulatory Medicine that include:

We also provide many other well-known therapies including:Coffee Enema, Recall Healing, Cold Plasma Ozone Therapy, Vibroacoustic Therapy, AloeMed Therapy and more. Each patient is provided a comprehensive treatment plan that covers every aspect of cancer treatment. Visit our treatments page for more information.

Cutting Edge Treatment Protocols*

Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments - SPDTSono-Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) is a proven method to treat cancer using the impact sound and light waves on a sensitizer that preferentially stays absorbed in cancer cells, not normal cells.  The sensitizer creates reactive oxygen species that kills the cancer cells and reduces blood flow to the tumors.  Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., our Medical Director, is one of the three global pioneers of the SPDT protocol.

Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments - Rigvir VirotherapyRigvir Cancer Virotherapy is a treatment that uses a live virus that has been adapted to selectively “seeks” and “destroys” cancer cells in the body. The virus is not pathogenic, meaning that it will not spread to healthy cells or transmit to others. Rigvir is backed by over 50 years of research and it is validated by numerous clinical studies. Proven effective for many cancers. Rigvir is a product of the Latvian Virotherapy Center and Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., our Medical Director, is a trained and certified cancer virotherapy physician.

Natural Alternative Cancer Treatments - HyperthermiaHyperthermia is based on the known fact that cancer cells are much more susceptible to high temperatures (induced fevers) than healthy cells. There are two types of hyperthermia: local and whole body. Local hyperthermia uses radio-frequencies to produce local heat that penetrates deep into tumor tissue.  When the vibrational frequencies of the cell match the radio frequency, the cancer cells break down. A whole body heating device is also used to effect heating of the entire body – this is known as whole body hyperthermia. We have clinically observed that hyperthermia shows synergistic enhancement of the effect of Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy and helps reduce the side effects of radiation therapy.

Alternative Cancer Treatments - Cancer Vaccine AARSOTAAARSOTA Biological Vaccine uses the cancer to fight the cancer.  Isolated cancer markers from urine and other body fluids are used to create a potent, completely personalized vaccine.  Our proprietary AloeMed Therapy is a unique concentrate from the Aloe plant that allows us to deliver very high doses of inner leaf Aloe extract in a small, powder formulation.

Alternative Cancer Treatments - Energy MedicineEnergy Medicine Therapies are a fundamental part of each patient’s treatment protocol.  The effectiveness of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has been demonstrated through more than 2000 double-blind clinical studies.  Benefits include reduction in inflammation, pain and necrotic cell death, faster functional recovery and healing, improved muscular and neural recovery and more.  Download a detailed white paper on PEMF here.

Personalized Treatment Program

Besides featuring some well-known natural cancer treatments, Hope4Cancer Institute also has many exclusive non-toxic, cancer fighting treatments not available anywhere else in the world. We offer a wide variety of adjuvant treatments that build the immune system, detoxify the body and improve your nutritional balance. Some of our drug-free treatments include vaccines, supplements, and natural medicines from around the world. Because each patient and every cancer is different, our protocols are tailor-made specifically for each patient. All our energies are focused on one thing alone: to bring you back to good health.

Affordability and Long Term, Home Program Support

Our affordable rates include your treatment at the clinic along with a comprehensive Home Program that covers you intensively for your first 2-3 months after your return home, with continued support at different levels for up to one year.  We merge the latest communication technology with our caring human touch to ensure that you stay on course with your treatment.

To the best of our knowledge, ours is the most extensive Home Program Support system in the world underlining our long term commitment to you.  Read about the Hope4Cancer Difference here.

Patient Testimonials

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Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer
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Stage 4 Pancreatic/Bile Duct Cancer
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Stage 4 Bladder Cancer
Stage 4 Cancer patient beats predictions and is cancer-free since 2009! Read Story, Watch Video
Stage 3 Breast Cancer
“I haven’t had to miss a day of work!” Cancer-free for the past five years.
Thyroid Cancer
“I felt like part of the family”. Sabrina today lives life on her own terms.


Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer
Cancer-free now for 10 years since “terminal” diagnosis.

Early Stage Prostate Cancer
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Recent Publications

Our paper entitled “Seven Key Principles of Cancer Therapy: Alternative Approaches to Disease Resolution” (authors: Dr. Antonio Jimenez and Dr. Subrata Chakravarty) was recently published in peer-reviewed journal “Forum of Immunopathological Diseases and Therapeutics”.  

Article: Four Things You Need to Know About Cancer Stem Cells That Could Save Your Life

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