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  1. Hello Judy,
    I like the way you share the inoformation you have. I admire your investigativeness.
    I am from Suriname a small country in Suriname, one of the most green coutries in the world.
    A friend of mine sent me the video about the guanabana, great, wonderful data, but not well known.
    Anyway, what I want to know from you is if there are official research reports, document etc about the why and how of the working or effectiveness of the guanabana. Lately I found the scientifics about medical marijuana and I would like to have that one for guanabana too. Someting like this

    • Hi Jeff, Welcome to
      I know the guanabana is a fruit from the Graviola tree,a flowering Evergreen tree, also known as a custard apple tree. the fruit is also known as Brazilian paw paw or soursop. It grows in tropical environments like Mexico, south
      Florida and tropical islands.
      A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, in 1997 says the soursop compounds were tested on breast cancer cells and was more effective than chemotherapy in destroying the cancer cells. But without clinical trials
      there was
      no data to support the claim.The alternative medical community is working on their own trials but of coarse in the US the FDA will take their time clearing it for the medicinal claims. If you can grow something in your back yard…
      the big pharmaceutical companies will fight it all the way because they want to own the chemical and patent it.
      As for the medical marijuana…the medical properties of CBD, THC and the whole Hemp plant has been censored for way too long. So many people with serious diseases like heart,diabetes, cancer,epileptic seizures, and many more, are using the CBD and all properties of the hemp plant and getting great results. Of coarse it has received a bad reputation in the recreational drug scene. But the medical community has taken it serious and has made a lot of progress in their findings.
      Thanks again, Jeff for your visit and if I can help you with any info please drop by again.

      Stay healthy and happy. 🙂 JUDY

  2. Hello Judy, I like your site. It is very inspiring and full of good information. And the most important, I feel the love you put in this work.
    We have something in common. I’m a life and health coach since 15 years and I always recommend my clients who are in health problems to optimise food behaviour (organic and a lot of non proceeded fresh food) among super food and supplements. I wish you all the best.

    • Hi Marion, Glad you stopped by. Thank you for your views. I am always interested and inspired by others opinions. Thank you for the encouragement. I believe we are what we put into our body. If we all ate pure 100% unadulterated,organic foods with no GMO’s we would be a healthier people. But the environment is so adulterated with air and water pollutants it is impossible to grow perfectly 100% organic foods any more. I believe we can get close to 100% organic by using foods that are grown by small farmers in green houses, watered with deep wells, using 100% organic soil that they have created in a clean organic environment. That sounds far fetched but not impossible.
      This is why I recommend organic vitamins and minerals, to replace the nutrients we are missing in our foods.
      We would be healthier if we ate mostly vegetables and fruits and deep water fish and no shellfish. Even our spices and oils need to be 100% organic. We would be much healthier for it and prevent so many diseases including birth defects.
      Thanks again for your encouragement and support. If I can help you any time just drop me a message.
      Great success in reaching the masses with your good knowledge.

      Stay healthy and happy.

      🙂 Judy

  3. Hi Judy, I really like your site ,packed with information on pretty well everything. What I particularly like is the way you have made it flow so easily from one site to another. I was so interested reading from one topic to the other. You have a wonderful background being descended from the native american indians and it is good that all these old remedies are handed down or they get lost for ever. That is one thing about the internet ….. things can be found.
    Excellent site and will keep it in mind.

    • Hi Angieana, So glad you dropped in. Thank you for your most welcomed comment. I’m glad you found my site easy to read interesting and informative. Yes, I am proud of my Native American heritage. It is so important to know where we came from. There are a lot of our heritage we do not realize we carry into the next generations without knowing it. The remedies are what a majority of the medicines today are based on. But when they start putting in synthetics in place of the organic chemicals, that is when it becomes trouble to our bodies. The best medicine is preventative medicine like our diets and supplements and exercise. Please come again. If I can help you live healthier and happier in any way please do not hesitate to let me know. I welcome your comments and emails. I am constantly researching. The best to you and yours, 🙂 Judy

  4. Really enjoyed your site, I think I read through everything you have up and it all flowed extremely well, it was as if we were in the same room and you were talking to me. I follow Dr caroline Leaf and try to stay with whole foods as much as possible, also I am a very firm believer in Turmeric as part of my daily diet.

    You have a very relaxed way of wording some difficult subjects, give me heaps of confidence to ask for advice anytime I need it, Thank you.

    PS – found the graphic on the Depression post a bit scary for me, had to scroll it away!

    • Hi George, thank you for your visit and review. It is appreciated. Food is my first and utmost choice in preventative healthcare. But if we have not eaten strictly organic and wearing a mask due to the environmental toxins all our life, we have allowed toxins to damage our cells which causes deficiencies in our chemical make up. Thus, we have to supplement with organic vitamins and minerals to replace what has been depleted or damaged. Some times we do not even realize some of the things that are suppose to be good for us is not so good because of contamination. For instance, people has drank fluoridated water without knowing the damage it has done for years. Our children have been reported to have more bone stress fractures than ever due to fluoride. Also the pineal gland is calcified causing learning and brain dysfunctions -for instance, ADHD, ADD, and autism. Hitler and his scientists used fluoride on the Jewish prisoners, to make them more compliant.
      About Tumeric/curcumin, it is a spice that we all need to use daily in our food, as a preventative from a lot of health issues. Use as a supplement daily, if you have any inflammation in your body like, heart disease, lung disease, arthritis, any kind of pain, or dementia/alzheimer’s.
      As far as the graphic in Depression..didn’t mean to scare you ..But this is the way most people with depression feel, like they are in a dark place. I have counseled many people with depression over the years and this is how they described depression. There is a large range of depression from slight to deep depression.
      I research, constantly so if I can help you in any way, please just drop me a message. Come back and visit often. Blessings to you and yours, 🙂 Judy

    • Hi ikenna, Anxiety is no fun. It seems like no one understands. So you start becoming introverted,not wanting to be around other people. Nearly 15 million adults suffer from anxiety/depression.
      The most effective way to cope, is make sure you stay away from sugar and alcohol, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits daily. Take at least 1,000 milligrams of vitamin “C” 2-3 times a day,B-complex and B-12 (2,400 mcg), omega 3-6-9 (coconut oil and flaxseed oil), and multiple vitamin daily. Please read my post on Anxiety. There is some recommended things to take on there. Just click on the items and you can order right from my post.
      Scientists have come up with some great natural supplements especially for anxiety. You need to give it a try for at least 30 days,so your body chemicals can adjust and work.
      I hope I have helped you today ikenna. Blessings to you and if I can help you ,please do not hesitate to come back and visit . I would like to hear how you have done on the products. So please leave me a comment. 🙂 Judy

  5. Your healthy website is varied in many subtopics and many something that is interested in the present time.
    Like stem-cell. that is the new topic waiting for research about stem cell and aging, healing, HIV etc.
    About the mind topic, depression is the most common psychology that has multiple levels and various management guideline. Not just drug but also need family to treat and take care patient or maybe normal healthy people have some little degree of depressive mood but can relief by themselves.

    • Hi Nattawut, thanks for your visit and input. As far as stem cell.. there is great reviews from patients with varied diseases that is now in remission or they feel, healed of the disease.The results are promising. There is still a long way to go.
      As for Depression: nutrition, supplements, physical exercise,close contact with your medical profession to keep your brain chemicals right and a very strong support system like friends and family and praying/meditation, all plays important parts of healing depression.
      Thanks again, Nattawut for your insight. If I can help encourage you to a healthier life style ,do not hesitate asking questions. Blessings, 🙂 Judy

  6. Hi Judy.

    I love your site. It’s another thing we have in common. I hate all the side effects of almost all prescription medicines. I love to find natural remedies and cures. I believe that God supplied everything we need for healing our body and we need to seek it out and use it. Most people just take the easy way…go to the doctor and get a pill. Even if it helps what is wrong it also causes other symptoms that we have to deal with. Sometimes worse than what we had to begin with.

    Would you be interested in guest writing on my site? Maybe we could trade writing articles for each other’s site? Let me know what you think. It is okay if you don’t want to. Just offering.


    • Hi Jean, so glad you dropped by. You are absolutely right, we were made and designed from this earth and the best healing will come from what God has already given us.That doesn’t mean that I do not believe we as mankind can not advance and create great things that can help us live a better life, but the majority of time we heal better and faster with what God has already given us. He created our body originally to live forever, and we know what happened with that,so if we have taken care of what He has given us, we will live a longer, healthier, and happier life until He says,”It’s time.” 🙂 I would love to guest write for your site. I would love to have you as a guest on my site,also. A great idea. Thanks again for stopping by. If I can help you live healthier and happier please let me know. This is the people’s site. 🙂 Judy

  7. You page is very appealing. I love natural healing and knowing exactly what I am putting in or on my body. Your page is beautiful, your story amazing. Let us hope a more beautiful knowledgeable world is out there and take it by the roots and grow wonders 🙂 Best thoughts to you!

    • Thank You Kim, It was a pleasure to have you visit. My hope is to reach as many people as possible with alternative/natural healing and living a healthy and happy life. We have one life here on this planet and should live it healthy and happy.
      Thanks you for your encouraging comment. Please come and visit again and if I can help you live healthy and happy, please drop a request in this comment box or by email. I am working on a newsletter and constantly adding new info to this site. This is your website for your information and to encourage you to be healthy body, soul, and spirit (mind). Stay Healthy and Happy. 🙂 Judy

  8. Hello Judy,

    I’ve looked over your site and I really think that this website can be an invaluable source of information for the healthy conscious. I thank you for providing this website helping others like me live a healthier lifestyle. Do you cover organic foods?


    • Thank you Mason. So glad you approve. My goal is to reach as many people as I can with the health info to helping them heal and to stay healthy. Yes I do cover Organic foods. Organic food is our only insurance against pesticides,genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), steroids, growth hormones,preservatives, and sugars. Our health is dependent on our choices of food to keep our immune system strong enough to heal our body when we are attacked by bacteria, viruses, and diseases. If we put the wrong fuel in our car, it will not run very well, if at all. Which is the same way our body reacts when we put the wrong fuel into it. I am working on a post about organic vs standard foods, including meats. I am also working on a newsletter. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂

  9. Hi Judy, What a wonderful time I’ve had reading all the valuable information you’ve provided. I’m very interested in learning everything I can since living (and eating) healthy is a big priority for me. I’d love to receive a periodic newsletter from you. Is this possibly a part of your plan in the near future?


    • Hi Anita.. So glad you enjoyed the info. It’s my pleasure to research such important info for you to help you heal your self and to keep you healthy. I am working on a newsletter now. As soon as I finish, I will notify you. Was there anything in particular you would like to learn more about? Most people do not realize that our body can actually heal itself if we consume the right “fuel” to keep it going. Keep or immune system strong and healthy.Thanks for stopping by and please stop by often. I am always adding new info. 🙂

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