The Mind


We are made up of mind (spirit), body and soul.



Who do you think you are? A mistake your mother and father made? Or the intricate work of an intelligent creator,(a higher power) deliberately and purposely creating you?

Hopefully, the latter! I’m not a religious guru but I do believe in a creator, as some refer to a ‘higher power’.

I do not believe anyone is an accident! WOW, that’s a profound statement! If you were an accident, you wouldn’t be here, right? When I have an accident, I clean it up and throw it in the trash. Do you?

We ALL are purposely and deliberately designed. That is not my words, but the words found in the oldest history, science, health and love book, in the Universe, the Bible, as most people call it. In the book of Genesis 1:27 it says; “So God (creator), created man(mankind/humans),in His own image, in the image of God, He created him: male and female He created them.”

If that’s not enough to convince you of ‘who you are’, it also says in the same book in Jeremiah 1:5;” Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and before you were born, I ‘consecrated’ you.” The word ‘consecrated’ means dedicated for a ‘divine purpose’.

If you do not believe in the book (BIBLE), it doesn’t change the facts-  we are created and dedicated for a divine purpose’.

Just because we can not see the air, does not mean it is not there. Right?

WOW! That should have knocked your socks off! You are dedicated for a ‘divine purpose’! You need to look into the mirror every morning and say, ” I am  wonderfully and purposely made. I am dedicated for a ‘divine purpose’.”

We are so use to the world telling us in so many ways, that we are not important because they do not feel important their self.

Every reflection you see of your self in the mirror,  store window, etc., give yourself a big smile. Everyone will wonder what you’re up to.  🙂  Watch comedy shows, listen to happy comedians, laugh, laugh, laugh as much as you can.  It will lower your blood pressure and produce serotonin and melatonin which causes you to be calm and relaxed and sleep better.

Refuse to see the glass half empty- it’s half full.

Our mind can turn off the poison we call stress, by choice. We have that power of choice. Our actions and emotions are determined in our mind before we can do anything. Before we can accomplish anything. Just think about it, a minute. The power of accomplishments in our life is determined in our mind FIRST before our body follows through with anything. It is the central control system for our whole body and our life. Powerful!

We have to go back to every event that was tragic in our life and look at it differently. For instance, if the person that hurt or mistreated you would have been in their right spiritual mind, they would not have hurt or mistreated you. Right?

We deserve a life without negative stress, so we have to let go of the bitterness, hate, anger and unforgiveness, for our own good. This ‘Junk’ is actually poison(cancer) to our mind, body and soul. Go back as far as you can remember and forgive those mean teachers and bullies and everyone you can think of. Not for them, but for yourself. Clean out all the rotten stuff that has been poisoning you for years.If you have had a tragedy happen in your life, then look at it closely. Did you use it as a stepping stone or a sinking stone? If you used it as a sinking stone, crawl on top and hang on til you can swim to shore! Most of the time we don’t even realize it is in us, rotting us away. It may take a few days of doing this to remind ourselves, it is gone. You may want to write these things down on a piece of paper and then build you a bonfire. Burn each one and let it go up in smoke. I guarantee it will change your perspective on life and your health. We are creatures of habit and we have hung onto those hurts for years ,so we may have to remind our self once in a while, that we don’t have that poison in us, any more. We have been granted ONE life on this earth, so let’s make the best life possible. You will begin to have more energy and feel happy deep inside and feel more at peace. Get your mind off of your self and find a more unfortunate person to help. STOP having a pity party and allow your heart and mind to heal. You have too much to offer to hide it in a dark place. Get out into the light and let the world know you are alive! You need to meditate on happy, peaceful and joyful things in this life. Be thankful for all the good things. We all have good things to be thankful for.  It could be worse.

Separate yourself from the stress of this world, taking yourself out of the situation by meditating on the good things. Avoid the people, even some family members, that causes you stress. Take a walk or drive to the park, put on some soothing music and close your eyes and think of a quiet resting place near the ocean, listening to the waves and feeling the sea spray on your face and relax, relax, relax. Try talking and better yet, listening to the creator( or your higher power) speak to your heart.

The following statement is by a very intelligent and caring neurologist, Dr. Leonard Coldwell,  who has healed over 35,000 patients across the world, of cancer and many other diseases, from one of his informative books on healing yourself;  “It’s scientifically proven that ALL illnesses are 84% based on stress and only 16% based on physical elements.  Therefore, I would know that I would have to uncover and eliminate the root cause of my personal health challenges to be able to get rid of the symptoms and physical malfunctions..” His book is a must read for all of us. The title is; “The Only Answer To Stress,Anxiety and Depression.” If you have had that dreaded diagnosis, this informative book can direct you on how to take care of yourself without having to go through so many horrible treatments that end up doing more damage than good mentally and physically.

We are body, soul and mind (spirit). When one facet of our being is off balance, our whole being suffers.

I hope this is a good start for you to getting your whole being , body, soul and mind, super healthy.

Your whole health is our priority, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Hopefully, this has awakened a path of understanding on how your healing begins.

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