Watch What You Drink – Water – Is It Safe?


We have been warned for more than 50 years now. It is taking a toll on our health and our children’s health.

Be careful of the water your drink! Ever thought of that while drinking an energy drink, soda , tea , juices, your latte’? Well even your ‘health ‘ drinks may not give an account of what kind of water they are using to produce the drink. The ones that uses purified water usually says so in the content section, on the back of the drinks. How much sugar is in your drink? If it is an energy drink (do not give to children), it should have vitamins ‘C’, b-12, b-6, niacin, chromium, biotin, ginger, caffeine from green tea- an antioxidant, (about the same as 1 cup of tea), natural fruit and vegetable juices for flavor and nutrition, no more than 50 calories and the the sugar content should be 0-3g depending on whether you use the non-sugar or not. Do not drink diet drinks unless they are sweetened with Stevia, not Processed but organic. Always make sure it is made from purified or distilled water. Most of the drinks made in the USA is full of fluoride (tap water) which you do not want in your body.

A British study about fluoride’s impact on the thyroid, looked at different areas in England, some of which fluoridated and some of which did not.

The study found that the rates of hypothyroidism, which is an underactive thyroid, were double in the areas where fluoride was put in the water versus the non-fluoridated areas. We are seeing hypothyroidism rates increase dramatically in the U.S..

In addition, the study found that whenever the concentration of fluoride was above 0.3 ppm, the rates of hypothyroidism were as much as 30% higher. We just saw that the high end of natural fluoride levels is exactly that same level, but that is for natural fluoride. What could much higher levels of synthetic fluoride do?

To put it in perspective, studies have shown that in a healthy 154-pound person, 3.5 mg of fluoride was found to disrupt thyroid function. If water fluoridation is allowed up to 1.2 ppm and you drink water regularly, you can easily exceed that rate. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the average American ingests 3 mgs a day but that many of us consume more than 6 mg a day! That’s almost double the level that was proven to impair thyroid function.

Even more concerning is that if you are iodine deficient, as many of us are, as little as .07 mg a day could damage thyroid function. That could be a glass or two of water a day! So it was good news that the Department of Health and Human Services just announced that it is now changing the maximum level to 0.7: at least it is the beginning of acknowledging that there is a problem.

The CDC has revealed that 40% of Americans have dental fluorosis, a condition that changes the appearance of your tooth enamel. It can cause chalky-like lines, pitting and staining on your teeth. That means that 2 out of 5 of us are experiencing permanent damage to our teeth from the chemical that was supposed to keep them healthy. But many say the unsightly stains and blotches on your teeth are not the biggest concern.

If your teeth are seeing the damage then most likely, fluoride is having an impact in other areas of your body as well. That’s because once fluoride is swallowed, it accumulates in your body’s bones and tissues. Teeth fluorosis may also mean you have skeletal fluorosis; it is very hard to tell apart from arthritis and can result in fatigue, muscle weakness, gastrointestinal disorders and ultimately stiff joints, calcification of tendons and ribs and osteoporosis.

Despite the good intentions around fluoride, neither the CDC nor the World Health Organization have been able to identify any differences in tooth decay and dental health between countries that fluoridate versus countries that do not.

Fluoride has also been identified as an endocrine disruptor that can lead to reproductive problems and cancers as well as many other health concerns.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin and known to accumulate in the body leading to many diseases, even cancer, reduced IQ (calcifying the pineal gland in the brain which produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake /sleep patterns and photoperiodic [seasonal] functions). It stays in your body!
Hitler used fluoride in the water on the prisoners in Nazi Germany to control them,  making them more compliant because his scientists informed him that the prisoners would be more controllable by using fluoride due to the “dumbing down” affect.

We have more and more cases of autism, ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, cancer and bone stress fractures in our children every day. Our children are paying the price of our ignorance due to not knowing the facts that has been deliberately kept in private by the FDA and the industries that produces the toxin, fluoride! They convinced the ADA, American Dental Association, that fluoride should be ingested to prevent cavities. Hundreds of studies has proven that to be 100% false. Fluoride is only beneficial when applied topically to the teeth, by the dentist, as long as it is rinsed from the patients mouth, quickly and they do not swallow any. The big industries had to find a way to get rid of the toxins they produce.  They tried to dump it in our waterways and it killed ALL life forms, plants and animals. So they decided to convince the mass of people and the FDA that we needed fluoride to prevent cavities. If it is “safe” then why is there warnings on toothpaste with fluoride saying “do not swallow,” supervise children and do not let them swallow. If they swallow call or go to the nearest “poison” control center! REALLY! Yet they say fluoride is “safe”? When it is dumped into our water there is no control of how much each person drinks! I may drink 5 glasses of water a day and you may drink 10 glasses a day, not to say how much a child or infant drinks daily or someone with diabetes, who is always thirsty. Our body absorbs water while we bathe. How about the children who loves to play in a bubble bath? They love playing in the water. The longer they are in the water, the more fluoride they absorb.
Watch this video which is just one in thousands, made for the purpose of letting the people know, so they can protect their selves and their loved ones. we have to pressure our government to STOP  FLUORIDATION OF OUR WATER SUPPLY!!

Until then buy a good water purification system or buy distilled water in glass bottles, not plastic. Remember this, boiling water does not remove fluoride. Spread the word. Save our children and live a healthier, happier life, longer!